Introduction to world history

This course surveys the history of human development, from prehistoric man through the information revolution. Scattered throughout the survey of historical developments in a variety of world cultures will be a number of “framework lessons” that will deal with super-topics. These topics will identify parallel processes and events in diverse geographic and cultural arenas, with the aim of classifying and pointing to the general developmental progress of the entire human race.
During the course, students will also examine integrative historical processes, i.e., how parallel historical processes brought different cultures and societies closer together, while also examining separation processes, meaning how parallel processes led to a distancing of cultures and societies one from the other.

The content of this course will present a broad overview of human history, giving a general context that will complement the specific historical fields the student will encounter in his studies in the School of History’s various departments. This course will also trace how human culture has developed to the point it is at today. The course provides all the students in the School of History with a common body of basic knowledge.

pdf Introduction to world history