Scholarship from the Forum for the Study of the Land of Israel and the Jewish People
During the academic year, the Forum gives scholarships to research students pursuing advanced degrees. Students whose research topics have been approved by the departmental committees, who have moved to the second stage of their degree program and whose fields of research are connected to the Land of Israel and the Jewish people can apply.
For more information, contact Pninit Tal. Tel: 04-8240674

Scholarship in memory of Nadav Balwa

The Combat Soldier Scholarship Fund in Memory of Sgt. Nadav Balwa, in conjunction with the Department of General History, offers four scholarships of NIS 4,000 each to perpetuate the memory of Sgt. Nadav Balwa, who fell during the Second Lebanon War. 
The scholarship is given to students, male or female, in the Department of General History, who served as combat or combat support soldiers during their military service and are pursuing either bachelor’s or master’s degrees.
For more information, contact department coordinator Etty Marom at 04-8240907. 
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